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Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher is an amazing Android app which allows many wonderful actions. Some of them are preventing ads, modifying permissions, to bypass premium applications license verification. We have given here a short tutorial to download Lucky Patcher apk. Once you get through it successfully, it will make all your apps work faster on your Android mobiles. With Lucky Patcher apk, you will get rid of the annoying advertisements within your Android apps for free.  Though it is an excellent and stable app for your Android smartphone, its functioning on your device cannot be 100% certified. There are some risks like loss of information, unstable system and rebooting loop.  If you are ready to let go the dangers, this app will do wonders for you. Besides providing guidelines and links to download, we have shared here its benefits in details. However, such issues are rare and happens mostly with incompatible or latest device. Lucky patcher apk download link is available here for our readers.


Lucky patcher apk is loaded with multiple features and benefits which makes it useful for any keen Android user. We already stated that you can eliminate ads on your free apps and can crack licensed apps for free. But we elaborate its features and applications in this post. Its benefits will help you to decide on having this apk on your smart device. There are many more Android apks available for download from our website.

Features & Application of Lucky Patcher APK

Here are some awesome features of Lucky Patcher apk.  Include Custom Patch, Removing Ads, Invalidating License verification features and others.

Other recommended apps for lucky patcher apk users

Custom Patch

Custom Patch refers to patches created by app developers to unlock pro versions and other such bottled elements. Custom Patch features allow you to access such bottled components for free! To be more precise, some apps come with certain locked features by default. To unlock or to get these features, you need to download the premium or pro version which is generally paid. But with Lucky Patcher’s custom patch feature, you can get full or pro versions without paying for them. Custom patching involves a process of replacing coding of locked app/component of app with a coding that unlocks it. We highly condemn piracy and do not recommend using this feature. However, you can still try out this feature before buying any app. Lucky patcher apk is mostly used for the same reason only.

Lucky Patcher apk is also available for gaming apps like Candy Crush Saga and Where’s my Water. You can unlock all levels without playing or buy everything for free respectively. This is more like an android game hacks.

Removing License Verification

Some paid Android apps from sites other than Google Play store checks for your license verification. You can remove this process of license verifying if you have Lucky Patch apk on your device. Bypassing verification process is one of the most popular features of this app. It uproots the permission confirmation and allows access to full version. Yet another reason to download lucky patcher apk file. Later the files can be transferred through tools like Xender or Shareit. There is also an in-depth guide on how to use these apps.

Eliminating Ads from the Free Android Apps

Whenever you download free apps on your Android phones, they come with ads. This naturally takes a toll on your net pace and may be costs too if you are using a mobile data with a limited plan. Luckily you can get rid of these promotions or ads once your device is equipped with Lucky Patcher apk app. All annoying ads can be removed using lucky patcher apk.  Later you can download fun app like terraria apk to have unlimited fun.

Install Modded Google Play store and Patch to Android

You can install modded play store (choose latest version) easily. Just click on toolbox inside this app and select option ‘Install modded Google Play Store’. It will reboot on its own. Once it reboots, open lucky patcher and go to tool box again. Now select ‘Patch to Android’ and choose apply. With Modded Google Play, you will be able to download apps directly to your SD card instead of internal memory. Isn’t it a great feature?

Disables Auto Updates of Google Play store

You can also use this apk to custom patch or control auto upgrades of Google play if you wish so.

Playview Download Blog is sure that the above features would have already lured you to download lucky patcher apk on your device. Probably, this is the reason why you are reading our article on lucky patcher apk download.

Install Lucky Patcher Apk for Android Phones

Now since that you know uses of this app, here is a link to download lucky patcher apk on your phone and PC. Also note that you will be able to download it only on your rooted or jail broken Android devices.

Once you install lucky patch on your phone or tablet, open it and grant root access. It will not work if you device is not rooted. It will show behavior and possibilities of all your other apps. That is in terms of applying patch and removing ads and verification. In order to root your device, you can use kingroot app or something like Framaroot apk (or get it from our website from here) for the similar purpose. Both the rooting app works well.

We are sure you have succeeded in downloading lucky patcher apk on your Android gadgets. Also note that this app has no ads though you will be downloading it for free. Lucky Patcher app is quite simple to use. It gives you colour indications for downloaded apps for their probabilities. Like the app can be applied patch or ads can be removed with a patch etc. We welcome your comments and queries with regard to download of Lucky Patcher apk.

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