SuperSu APK: Download SuperSu APK App for Android [Latest]

SuperSu Apk Download

SuperSu apk download for your rooted android phones and tablets! Managing your root settings is significant as it exposes your Android device to the malware threats. There are many good rooting apps available for Android and Supersu is one of them. Framaroot apk guide was already shared before. In case, if your device is not compatible with SuperSu apk, then you can try framaroot or kingroot app as well. Given the risk involved with rooting, SuperSu is often used by to control rooting on per app basis. This customizes rooting on your device for each app as per your desire. Also known as SuperUser Access Management tool of modern day, it helps managing rooted Android devices. The amazing app enables your access to the command prompt. Also allows to set notifications and temporarily disable the root user and many more functions. This post shows you how to download and use SuperSu apk app.  This Root Management Tool is already used by more than 50 million users worldwide.

If you are planning to root your Android device, you are at the right place. Download SuperSu apk just with a click from Google Playstore for free. The apk file is 5.6 Mb and hence quite convenient to have in your rooted device. It works with Android 2.1 and above versions. SuperSu root is also released by Chainfire for Android 6.0 Marshmallow without revising system partitions. The app is one of the best in line of other popular tools by Chianfire like CF Auto Root, CF.Iumen and TriangleAway. You can download it from Google playstore or from download section of Chainfire developer’s site.  With this app, you no longer need to worry about management of your rooted devices. The features shared blow will also explain you how to use this tool.


Key Features of SuperSu Apk Latest Version

The app is rated 4.7 on Google Playstore and number of users are increasing day by day. It is one of the best app designed by Chainfire. Also the best one to manage all the apps on your rooted device. We have detailed here all the features of the supersu apk tool including features of its Pro version.

  1. App Access Prompt – It prompts you when any app in your device needs root access. The app allows you to Grant or Deny access just by a single tap.
  2. You can any time revoke permissions by tapping SuperSu app and changing from Grant to Deny.
  3. You can temporarily unroot the device when required.
  4. Above all, it keeps track of which apps you have granted root permissions to. It will automatically grant permissions the next time you will run that app.
  5. The tool works event when your phone is not properly booted.
  6. Offers multiple themes and multiple icons.

The Pro Version adds some powerful features like logging of colour coded command content and per-app logging configuration. The Pro Version also allows you to lock it with a PIN which disables any change without your approval. Framaroot and Kingroot has much more functionality in case if you are looking for something better. Nonetheless, supersu apk serves the purpose. You can download supersu apk file from below.


How to Install and Use SuperSu Apk for Android

You can download the free version as well Pro version of SuperSu apk from Google Playstore. The related links are given here.

  1. Download the apk file from the download section.
  2. Install and run the application on your Android devices.
  3. Once installation is complete, reboot your device.
  4. Open the Supersu app. If it seems to be updating Su Binary files, tap on Continue.

Now you will enjoy smart management of your rooted phones. The program basically works through three categories of applications, settings and logs.  In case of any help and support, contact XDA-Developers support thread.

Use the below link to download apk file for free:

Once you download SuperSu apk to your android phones or tablets, you will get advanced management of all the apps on your rooted device. SuperSu and Superuser are designed by chainfire to act as a guardian for your rooted phones. The root activity logs will allow you to have fantastic record of apps that are using root access. Feel free to leave your comments in case of any query and issue with downloading SuperSu apk to Androids. Do have a glance at other Android apk like Towelroot apk and Framaroot at our blog. In case if you device is stuck in the loop after using SuperSu apk, then you should visit the official XDA forum thread. It is highly recommended that you do not root it if your device is not compatible. You can always ask us your doubt related to SuperSu apk.

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