Telegram for PC: Download Telegram on Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7

Telegram for PC

Telegram is the most popular messaging app which was released back in the year 2013. It was launched by founders of which is the most famous Russian social network. This app is free of cost and lots of people are using this on daily basis. It is a fast messaging app which is giving tough competition to WhatsApp. Telegram is light and its functionality is similar to that of WhatsApp. Fortunately, telegram for PC version is available for those who are looking to get it on their PC. Telegram for PC brings all the functionality of mobile app and adds few more features to it. Unlike, Whatsapp, it is not restricted. But the security and privacy of the app is much better. There are about 50 million active users of this app and 1 million users are registering this every week. This should be enough to get this app on your Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7 PC.


Features of Telegram for PC

Telegram is provided with its own Cloud Storage which stores all your data in the app server and so any data cannot be lost. It is a fast, reliable, secure and lightweight app. By this app, it is possible to create a group of  5000 members and broadcast messages can be sent to 100 contacts at a time. A far better limit compared to that of WhatsApp and many other messaging app. Let’s take a look at some of the features of telegram for PC app.

  • Portable and full versions are available
  • Compatible with Windows OS and Mac
  • All major mobile platform covered
  • Super groups with 500 members capability
  • Synchronize chat across multiple platforms
  • Encrypted messages to save from prying eyes
  • Send any kind of documents with attachment option
  • Destruct message with a time– time sensitive messages
  • Edit messages within 2 days of sending
  • API available for further development and enhancements
  • Share video/audio and files of upto 1.5GB each
  • No ads/ subscription fee
  • Thousands of Emoji/stickers and emoticons available

This app can be used to send unlimited number of video and audio files to all the contacts on your PC. You can even add emoticons and stickers along with the files. There is integration of the app with the social networking services like Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.

There is feature to edit the notification settings for each individual. So if any of your friends are sending many messages, you can mute them. Security and privacy is well maintained in this app. No secret chats options are there as they are not stored in the servers of the computer. There is two-factor authentication for the app so any unauthorized logins can be stopped by you by setting up an additional step. It is also possible to know all the devices or places from where the app has been logged in and stop individual sessions.

Telegram has a very good speed. All the videos and photos are sent instantly and immediately a batch of ten photos can be send. Uploading of videos and audios is also fast. Messages sync seamlessly across the devices and once a message has been read on the device, it is marked as read.

Some of the advantages of Telegram are that it has useful notification customization options. Much focus is given on the security and speed of the app.

Download Telegram for PC

It is possible to use the app on your PC by installing directly from Google Play Store but for this you need to have Bluestacks on your PC which is an Android Emulator. Although, there is a dedicated separate version of Telegram for PC (desktop) is available, we are providing a guide to install Android app on the PC/

  • First, download and install Bluestacks on PC.
  • Search box is present in Bluestacks. Open it.
  • Type ‘Telegram’ and click on Enter.
  • This will redirect you to Google Play Store. Click on Telegram app to install.
  • Once it has been installed, go to All Apps menu of Bluestacks where you will see Telegram app.
  • Open it and enjoy free messaging with your friends free of cost.

This app has got some of the most advanced features with maximum privacy. Hopefully, you have started enjoying telegraph for PC app. In case, if you are interested in getting a dedicated version for your desktop, MAC then you can download them from the official website.

Telegram for PC/ Desktop Installer

As mentioned before telegram for PC as a standalone application is already available. You no longer need to download Bluestacks and install it through it. Telegram is cross platform compatible and hence it is available on all major platforms.

Telegram for Windows 10/8.1/8 PC

Download telegram for Windows PC from this link:

There is also a portable version available of the app in case if you are interested in getting it.

Telegraph for Mac is available from this link:

Since telegraph is now an open project the community keeps developing it. Recently, they have launched supergroups feature which has increased the limit of groups to 5000 instead of 1000. All the data are stored in the cloud and hence it is much faster compared to other app.

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