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TowelRoot Apk

Now rooting your Android devices is not a tough nut to crack. You can download Towelroot Apk V3 Latest version in few seconds. Download it from information shared in this page and root android devices with minimum efforts. No need of any technical guidelines to follow as you install Towelroot apk for android. Use the links we have given to download this awesome app. In addition, this post also provides you some useful tips and information regarding Towelroot apk. It is a very simple standalone app to root your Android smartphones just with a click. You do not need to use PC to root your devices when you are using this app.


Before you download and install Towelroot apk, let’s discuss rooting in brief. Just for those who are not aware; rooting refers to unlocking the phone. Every device comes with its legal restrictions. Rooting is the process of achieving root access to a device. It is generally performed on Android smartphones and tablets. But it is also possible for other devices such as Linux based. Unlocking allows user to derive maximum potential which is not possible with its legal restrictions. Rooted smartphones allows to remove the manufacturer’s restrictions. You have greater freedom to do whatever you want to on your phones after bypassing manufacturer’s restrictions.  You can gain access to awesome apps which are not available in Google Playstore. Rooted smartphone can easily install android apks without much hassle.

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How to Download and Install Towerlroot Apk for Android

Follow the below steps to download and install towelroot apk. Please note if you get a warning message similar to “this .apk file could damage your device”; ignore the message. Keep going on with downloading it. Also save all your data before rooting process.

  1. First of all download towelroot .apk file. You can also download from its official website. We have given the links to download it. If you are downloading it from its official site, click on the lambda to download the .apk file.
 Download TowelRoot APK
  1. Go to Settings < Security < Enable Unknown Sources in your smartphones.
  2. Install the .apk file on your devices.
  3. Click on Open once it is installed.
  4. Open Towelroot app and click on the button showing Make it Ra1n. Just wait for few seconds to get rooting process complete.
  5. Click on below link and download SuperSu app. SuperSu app will manage permissions by tracking apps to which you have granted permissions.

Download SuperSu

The next step is the final one where you will just verify if you phone is rooted or no. Follow the next step as given further to check root status. In case if you have managed to do that you can easily use Towelroot apk file. There are different versions available. Though we recommend latest version, if you wish you can download Towelroot V1 apk, Towelroot V2 apk. In addition to that, it is highly recommended that you install Vidmate apk.

How to Check Root Status of Towelroot Apk with Root Checker App

If you have successfully followed each of the above step, you must have received success message. Still you can verify that your device is rooted or no by using the Root Checker app. Click on the below link and install it on your device. Once you run it on your device it will display your root status. It is available at Google Play for free.

  • Rootchecker

This completes a thorough process of downloading Towelroot apk, rooting your android device and checking root status.


No doubt Rooting offers you freedom of utilizing your device boundlessly. However it may harm your devices. In the worst case, you may end up bricking up your phone or tablet making it unusable. Hence if you are rooting your device, do it at your own risk as it violates warranty and may nullify the warranty of your device. If you are agreed to let go the risks, do proceed.

In any such case, we recommend you to unroot it before you take it to the manufacturer. As you root your device with Android rooting software, you can use it to unroot it and restore factory settings.

We also recommend you to use the latest versions as updated by developers with time. Currently you download Version 3.0 which will root any Android 4.4 device. In case you have any doubt or issue, you can report and get help at this official XDA Developers Thread for Towelroot.


There are many other apps available to root your Android device like Kingroot and Rootgenius. Towelroot apk is the best as it has very high success ratio for Android devices. Any android device running kitkat is compatible to work for Towelroot apk. Besides Galaxy, this app is tested to work on Nokia X units and many other different manufacturers.

However, we would like to know if you have successfully downloaded Towelroot Apk App to your Android devices. Let us have your views on using it through the comment box. Hope you will have fun with lots of useful apps with your rooted devices. Playview Blog will soon cover rooting apps for Android and iOS platform users. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information.

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